Student Accomplishments:
Laura Mooney – “my first official jackpot win!”

Laura Mooney

RSE student and Ramtha appointed Teacher Laura Mooney describes her first official Casino jackpot win in stunning simplicity.
Here is Laura’s story in her own words:

“I won my first official jackpot last night (January 21); a blue window popped up that says, ‘Jackpot, Call Attendant’ – Cairo Treasures $1,690.00. What a wonderful experience, to actually hear the often heard music and announcement go over the speakers, ‘Another Jackpot Winner’ and know it’s about you.

Much time and money has been invested, not in the Casino, but in ME!
Anne Mickatavage said it best, in her RSE Newsletter write-up recently, when she said, “I now know that I never lose, but gain by evaluating my thoughts or my beliefs that did not allow me to win”.
Well said.

Knowing the thought process, the program, that undermines a desired result, allows us to march on it. Now that I see it I can blow it away in C&E® or Walk it out in the Neighborhood Walk®,
‘I have NEVER been _____.”
The techniques taught at RSE are priceless and they work!

March On Students of the Great Work, March On!”

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