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Micheline Corteville lauded in newspaper for opening shop

“Micheline Corteville, owner of newly opened Mee-Sha-Leen’s, a gift and coffee shop and cafe in Rainier,
stands behind her counter at the shop on Tuesday [January 21, 2014]. The grand opening of
Mee-Sha-Leen’s was Jan. 18, and the store is now open Wednesday through Saturday each week.”
Photo credit: Brittany Whitehead, Nisqually Valley News

“When I became a student of the Ram in 2005 in Houffalize, Belgium, I never imagined I was coming to live in Yelm in May 2011.
I do The Great Work every day, usually the Neighborhood Walk® morning and evening, candle focus and C&E®, now and then. But when I have a challenging day coming up, I will not leave the house that day without doing C&E®, because I know I create exactly and fast on what I am focused.
In the beginning I imagined it was very hard to create something wonderful and so it was, but once I heard when Ramtha repeated ‘the greatest of things are achieved in a light heart’ and decided to be less serious and more joyful, everything changed.

So I realized bringing joy around me makes it a different world. I decided to create an uplifting cafe where people could meet and be happy. Selling chocolates was in my first focus as it delivers serotonin and Ram and JZ explained that, too.
I was aware of the importance of good food to be healthy so I found other products that bring wellness: Organo Gold Coffee that neutralizes the ph of the blood, Do Terra oils I use myself every day for healing and well being, Seacret beauty products with the minerals for a healthy skin.
And many other things you can read in the article.
The shop schedules classes about all those products and also rents out the space for meetings and gatherings.
Thank you so much JZ and Ramtha for giving us those teachings, they work so well and they made this dream come thru.”

From Brittany Whitehead in the Nisqually Valley News:
“Charging herself with the task of bringing out happiness and health in people while helping them slow down a bit, Michelines Corteville opened her artsy storefront, Mee-sha-leen’s, in Rainier last summer but only for two days a week.

The cafe and coffee shop then went to being open three days a week in December and as of Jan. 18, Mee-sha-leen’s is now open four days a week. The shop offers all sorts of items and gifts — jewelry, art, vases, essential oils, soaps, gift baskets, coffee, tea, sandwiches, quiches, soups and more, and also offers patrons free Wi-Fi. Mee-Sha-Leen’s sells flowers during special occasion holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.

Having lived in Belgium the vast majority of her life, having gone to school to be an interpreter (she speaks five languages), and even having maintained a position within the Parliament there, Corteville moved to Yelm in May 2011.

‘I came for school in 2006 to the Ramtha School of Enlightenment and I liked the area, I liked the nature. I liked it so much that I wanted to live here,’ she said. ‘I love the open space and the mentality of American people because they’re honest, helpful, supportive.’

Already knowing she wanted to open a business of some sort, Corteville settled on this particular venue and wants to grow it even more.”
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