Scientists: Warmer Arctic may cause longer/colder winters –
Ramtha taught for decades affects of Arctic ice melt

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– “Jet stream shift could prompt harsher winters: scientists”
“A warmer Arctic could permanently affect the pattern of the high-altitude polar jet stream, resulting in longer and colder winters over North America and northern Europe, US scientists say.

The jet stream, a ribbon of high altitude, high-speed wind in northern latitudes that blows from west to east, is formed when the cold Arctic air clashes with warmer air from further south.

The greater the difference in temperature, the faster the jet stream moves.

According to Jennifer Francis, a climate expert at Rutgers University, the Arctic air has warmed in recent years as a result of melting polar ice caps, meaning there is now less of a difference in temperatures when it hits air from lower latitudes.”

“As a result, instead of circling the earth in the far north, the jet stream has begun to meander, like a river heading off course.

This has brought chilly Arctic weather further south than normal, and warmer temperatures up north. Perhaps most disturbingly, it remains in place for longer periods of time,” quoting Jean-Louis Santini, in the AFP.
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– UPDATE: March 17, 2014
“Global warming melts last stable edge of Greenland’s Zachariae ice stream, scientists say
From ABC News of Australia.
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– UPDATE: April 6, 2014
“Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home?”
Anne Curry reports which aired Sunday, April 7, 2014, by Elizabeth Chuck, NBC News.
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– UPDATE: May 18, 2014
“Greenland will be far greater contributor to sea rise than expected”
From PhysOrg.
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– UPDATE: July 15, 2014
“Arctic Warming and Increased Weather Extremes: The National Research Council Speaks”
“Arctic warming is happening at twice the average level of global warming in a process called arctic amplification, where more warming occurs as ice is lost because less of the sun’s energy is reflected back into space.

A new report from the National Research Council (NRC) details the findings of recent Arctic research: Arctic sea ice in all seasons is declining and the rate of loss is increasing. Multiple lines of study show this is impacting weather outside of the Arctic. Increased energy (heat) in the Arctic is slowing the progress of the jet stream around globe, allowing weather systems to linger, increasing the risk of severe weather happening more often in any one place. Increased warmth also means increased moisture in the Arctic – which increases the amount of snow, which in turn causes the jet stream to concentrate winter weather in North America and Eurasia,” quoting Bruce Melton, Truthout.
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– UPDATE: September 1, 2014
“New Satellite Maps Show World’s Major Ice Caps Melting at Unprecedented Rate”
By Tim Radford, Climate News Network
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– UPDATE: September 18, 2014
“2014 was a summer sizzler: Earth’s hottest on record
Doyle Rice, USA Today.
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– UPDATE: October 20, 2014
“As Casualties Mount, Scientists Say Global Warming Has Been “Hugely Underestimated”
By Dahr Jamail, Truthout.
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– UPDATE: October 27, 2014
“Arctic Ice Melt Doubles Risk of Frigid Eurasian Winters, Study Finds”
By Andrew Freedman,
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– UPDATE: December 5, 2014
“Snow Cover in Northern Hemisphere This Fall Highest on Record”
“While record fall snow covered the Northern Hemisphere,” quoting NBC Nightly News.
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– UPDATE: March 23, 2015
“Gulf Stream system: Atlantic Ocean overturning, responsible for mild climate in northwestern Europe, is slowing”
“The Atlantic overturning is one of Earth’s most important heat transport systems, pumping warm water northwards and cold water southwards. Also known as the Gulf Stream system, it is responsible for the mild climate in northwestern Europe. Scientists now found evidence for a slowdown of the overturning — multiple lines of observation suggest that in recent decades, the current system has been weaker than ever before in the last century, or even in the last millennium.”
From the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), in Science Daily.
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– UPDATE: April 13, 2015

“There All Along: ‘Exceptional’ Slowdown of the Gulf Stream From Greenland Melt”
By Bruce Melton, Truthout.
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– UPDATE: August 31, 2015
“The World on Fire: Record-Breaking Wildfires, Greenland Melting and Earth’s Hottest Month Ever”
“Meanwhile, July officially became the hottest month ever recorded on the planet, setting 2015 on course to easily become the hottest year ever recorded.
This month’s dispatch is replete with evidence of our growing crisis, including record-breaking amounts of ice being released from Greenland,
more species under threat of extinction, and millions of acres of the planet burning up in wildfires across North America alone,” quoting Dahr Jamail, Truthout.
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– Ramtha’s predictions on Arctic ice melt span decades
– Ramtha on European weather changes due to rapid ice melt
– “It is no coincidence being in London in the very place that will soon be covered with ice — not a lot of ice but enough to say this is a knock on your door — that after I left [September, 2010] , scientists make this breakthrough explanation that the current belt that brings that warm water up to the Far North of Europe and to the Atlantic seaboard is less now than half of its ability.
More cold water from the melting of Greenland is sloughing off in the North Sea, and the winds from the North that are cooling down everything could stop this current conveyor belt. And do you know what happens when it stops? You have winter in the most severe ways. That is already under way.
To all of Europe — including right down to the ankle of Italy — an ice is coming, a warning is coming. That nasty little environment will start to show itself only slightly this winter, so look for strange ice storms in Europe and the American north, and even look for them around the equator.
So what we have is an introduction to the violence of nature, a calling card. 2011 will be all about calling cards all over the world.”

– Ramtha, Afternoon Live Stream from Yelm
October 9, 2010

– Ramtha in 2006 on upper Atlantic issues
“Now your world is in trouble. Your icecaps are melting. The North Pole’s icecaps are melting and when all that cold water enters Greenland in the upper Atlantic, the flow of warm water will cease in Atlatia and in a short time you are going to have catastrophic conditions in the world.”
– Ramtha
November 20, 2006.
Excerpt from: Ramtha in Mexico

– Ramtha has repeatedly mentioned the conditions leading to the freezes in Europe.
‘When more fresh water dumps into the North Atlantic — and it is cold — when more of the melting water dumps into the Atlantic, it will cool down the warm current coming from the South. When that happens, the current conveyor belt will stop and the ages of ice will return to Britain, to all of northern Europe, and it will freeze all the way down to the Pyrenees Mountains.”
– Ramtha
April 14, 2007
Yelm, WA.
(Excerpt from: Change — The Days That Are Here — April 14, 2007.)
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– Ramtha said 25 years ago warming occurring faster than scientists say
“The melting of the polar caps, the hole in the stratum, and the warming up in the next four years will be much quicker than your scientists will tell you. The melting of the great caps of snow is already occurring, which will raise the water level to two hundred feet.”
– Ramtha
November 14, 1987.
Excerpt from: Ramtha, Update on Changes — Seattle,
and Ramtha, Last Waltz of the Tyrants. The Prophecy Revisited. J
ZK Publishing, 2009.

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