Student Accomplishments:
Ione Gleason in “the zone” for the first time

Ione Gleason

RSE student Ione Gleason shares her story in her words:

“At the casino on Tuesday, February 18, 2014, I hit a big win of $1,163.15 and then I hit a jackpot of $2,184.00 (I was betting 40 cents.), total $3,347.15.

I never played with my money as the casino had given me $20 in free play.

I had done my morning disciplines, especially enjoying the winds blowing during my Neighborhood Walk®.
I went to the casino with a light heart and at the machines I felt really relaxed and connected.

For the first time I felt I was truly in ‘the zone’.
I had no sense of anyone or anything around me and needless to say, it was a wonderful exciting day! Thanks to my God, JZ, and my Master Teacher Ramtha for showing me the way.”

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