Cover-up of giant humanoids revealed –
Ramtha: Giants walked the Earth 35,000 years ago

– “The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up”
by Richard J. Dewhurst

“This is the most comprehensive and level approach to the subject of giant humanoids in Earth’s past to have ever been published. The most appealing aspect is that Dewhurst has collected a vast array of primary sources and presents them here. Reading one newspaper discovery after another of giant skeletons and artifacts is perhaps the most compelling reason to question the standard lines we are given about humanity’s origins. When coupled with his persuasive theories explaining why the Smithsonian would actively cover up such discoveries, you have one valuable and entertaining read! Highly recommended,” quoting Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D., author of Founding Fathers, Secret Societies and host of 21st Century.
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– Richard J. Dewhurst was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM on Monday February 3, 2014.
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– UPDATE: February 22, 2015
“Coal miners in the city of Moberly, Missouri mining a shaft 360 feet deep, broke into a cavern revealing “a wonderful buried city,” multiple sources reported in 1885,” quoting Kristan T. Harris, The Rundown Live.
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– Ramtha’s people 35,000 years ago were giants
“You may also remember Ramtha’s description of his ancestors from beyond the North Star, the Lemurian race that colonized the Earth eons ago. They were giants, 7- to 12-feet tall and more, with golden eyes. Ramtha said they originally had beautiful pale-blue to deep-indigo skin tones because of their planet’s central blue suns. The Lemurians were not technological people like the Atlatians but were lovers of nature who understood the interconnected web-work of life,” quoting the RSE-Newsletter from January 28, 2010.
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“Past Present: Forgotten History Affecting Future-Present”

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