Mireille Mokbel’s heartfelt story & challenge to students

Mireille Mokbel

“”I have been watching the incredibly unfair and unacceptable growing attacks on JZ and the school for a while.

I’ll do my best to find the right words to describe and express myself since English is not my original language.

I read Ramtha’s white book in 1992 and I didn’t know about the school until late 2005. In 2006, I came to school for my first Beginning Retreat and from that moment; my life and my whole world changed and became meaningful and purposeful. I felt so alive for the first time, I was born new. Joy was the only word I can find to describe my experience. I have found what I have been searching for all my life. I have found myself and I felt home.

I can’t find words to describe the wonderful changes that I have experienced and the amount of love and joy that was born in me and continue to grow every day. It even affected many people around me in many ways. One specific event happened in 2009 when my partner burned his whole face with boiling water and healed in one week, without any medicine, without any doctor and without leaving any scar! And I believe that healing occurred only because of what I have learned in school and because of what I was applying. I was so guided.

Many other wonderful things manifested that I would love to share at another time. I have been so involved and absorbed in learning and studying the teachings of this great, great teacher Ramtha, that time collapsed. Eight years have passed like a blink of an eye. Looking back now, I see how much I gained and the more I learn in this school, the more my passion and joy grows, only to know that there is more.

I thank my God everyday that I have found RSE, my master teacher Ramtha, and JZ – whom I consider a hero and the greatest message that one can ever hear and learn in the whole history of humanity! And for all of those who are missing it, I can only feel sorry.

First, I like to share my story because I came to realize lately that not only my present is affected enormously by the school and what I am learning and applying, but it has also changed my past!
Second, I feel compelled to share my thought and inspiration about the charges against the school.

I was born and raised in Beirut Lebanon. Let me tell you about how bad racism can become and how it was playing out at that time in my once paradise country. Stopped at checkpoints, asked for their identities, people were kidnapped, tortured and killed because of their religion, their creed and even their names.

Because of the raging unstoppable war, I had to leave my country with my 5 year old son to go to Quebec, Canada.

In June 1989 and during the ugliest battle in the last civil war in Lebanon, I escaped away by sea in a boat at midnight. I never forgot that night. I left alone with my son leaving behind my parents, my sister and all the people I have ever known. Although we applied altogether at the same time as a family, I was the only one with my son who received the visa from the Canadian embassy.

I remember there were very few people in that boat and I was really scared. The captain had to turn all lights off until we could reach high seas. We were not even allowed to light a cigarette so they (the enemy) could not locate us from the shore or other ships, otherwise we would have been bombarded by waves of rocket missiles, even though we were innocent civilians. Bombarding civilians must surely be the worst form of racism that can ever exist.

I still remember looking back at the slowly disappearing shore behind us to get deeper and deeper in the pitch black environment all around. At one point, I had my hands covering my ears thinking it could protect me from a sudden missile. My son was tightly holding to me in total silence.

Miraculously, there were no bombs that night as opposed to previous nights. I left behind the fear of war and went on to another kind of fear, the unknown future.

Because of all that, I can identify and recognize very well all kinds of fanatics racists groups, whether they’re religious military, gangs, sects, cults or else and I avoid being around them at all cost. From my real tough experiences during years of war I can confirm and truly assure anyone that RSE is none of that but just the antipode.

Couple of weeks prior to my heart wrenching escape, while we were dogging raining missiles from one location to the other in search for secure shelters, I went through two life threatening events. The first one, a missile hit the exact same room I was with my son, two minutes after we rushed out hiding to a lower floor in an adjacent building. I can still remember the huge sonic bang it made with the never ending shrapnel cracklings everywhere, mixed with the smell of powder and a dense cloud of dust.

The second event happened a few days later after we ran away to another safer area, we thought. While I was giving my son a very quick bath, we started to hear the launching of a series of 40 Katuscha rockets that were heading toward our direction. Seconds later the rockets were exploding all around. I was stuck in the bathroom on my knees, in front of my son who was still in the bathtub. I thought this was the last time I was seeing him. One of them hit so close that I felt it was the end and we were going to die at this very moment. The same scenario happened again with the sound of the explosion, the smoke and the smell. The fear was indescribable. Then it was total silence and we were safe. The apartment was filled with dust and smoke. We found out moments later that one of the Katuscha hit the floor just above us.

I have almost forgotten those experiences and I rarely talk about it because I didn’t suffer from it, nor did I felt I was a victim, even with the real danger I went through. However, because of what I learned at the school and the disciplines I practice, I came to realize lately and after long moments of contemplation that not only the present affects my future; it has also affected my past.

Three years prior to my coming to school and while I was meditating, some unusual phenomenon happened to me more than once. I had some future visions, out of body experiences and I even found myself being in two different analogical states at the same time and I was in total awareness. I was able to maintain and control it for a long moment.

These events had nothing to do with my life at the time. They had nothing to do with my past knowledge, education, my environment, my entourage, family, friends, nothing at all with my whole life before the school, but they have everything to do with what I learned at the school and the disciplines since 2006.

That led me later to wonder and contemplate again about what else could have possibly been affected or changed in my past. Shortly after, while I was in a trance state during my Neighborhood Walk, the memory of that life threatening event lightened in my head like a flash. I knew deep inside that the day the bomb hit the very place I was sitting, 1 or 2 minutes before, was not by chance or coincidence but it was rather an intervention; a shift to a parallel life and the shift came from the future now! The realization of that event in that moment during the walk, filled my whole body and my head with glitters that lasted for more than usual and continued the next two days whenever it came to my mind. I believe that the school saved my life!

When I start to read and see articles, comments and even videos about people who seems so convinced and sure about how bad the school is and all the ignorance and fabrications, I was very shocked and sad. I felt hurt deep in my heart. It bothered me a lot to see that because people who don’t know anything about the school, could easily believe them. I didn’t know what to do about that, other than become disturbed and very irritated.

Lately, with all the tsunami of attacks and charges against JZ and the school, I thought that there must be something that can be done to stop all of that so we can continue the school without having this big irritation surfacing and hunting us every so often. Recently I started to have this thought that keeps popping in my head that this must surely be a big runner for all of us students.

I started to remember Ramtha’s words about how adversity is king and problems are opportunities and I specifically remember very well in last November teachings, the Ram said that these battles are already won, and he also said if we try to fix them mass to mass, we will miss the opportunity and it will not come back.

I really wanted to do something and after contemplation I decided instead of pushing against the wave, I am going to write this letter to all my fellow students and here is my idea directly inspired by one of Ramtha’s teachings.

I remember very well 2 years ago during the 2012 Assay event; Ramtha was telling us a beautiful story about the masters of the Far East and I don’t think it was just a bed story.

A part of the story was about this one time when the masters were having dinner with a group of scientist that were studying them. One of the masters said that they were under attack! The scientists got frightened and asked the masters: ‘What are you going to do about it?! Are you going to do something about it?’ The master said: ‘we are going to finish our meal: would you like some wine?’

The man said: ‘what about the attack are you going to take care of it? We have rifles and swords if you want.’ The Master answered: ‘Antiquity, no, we have just created a reality to send them back their intents a thousand fold’

Ramtha continued and explained that the masters took all the enemy’s hatred, their anger, all their jealousy, envy, all their bad intentions and created a reality that was sent back to them a thousand fold!!

What a wonderful idea for the school I thought. I immediately made a card about that and started to include it in my daily focus. I believe this is our runner as students of The Great Work.

Let’s practice what we learned from our teacher.
This specific story came to my mind like a bright light and I felt strongly that this is what we should do to stop and reverse the charges against our wonderful school. We have work to do and we need to continue to learn more with our Master Teacher Ramtha and JZ. We need to clear the slate and those people need to have something else to do other than working hard to attack and try to downgrade our school.

I also remember during Assay 2010, Ramtha said to us that a master doesn’t say anything because he knows that what he says will not be heard. What’s important is what he does with his mind.

If you allow me, I would like to ask my fellow students, to join in this specific focus.
All what we have to do is focus seriously and sincerely altogether, to stop and send back the attackers all their intents a thousand fold!

We know how to do it. We have been taught very well. We have focused many times and manifested many things individually for many different personal dreams and desires, small or big, and we have succeeded a lot of times. Last year, some students have focused together and have stopped the raging fire from reaching their homes and lands. Imagine what we can do if we come together and focus on the same intent, and that is for our dear school.

No fights, no arguments, no justifications, no comments. This battle is already won.

To life,

Mireille Mokbel; very proud to be a student of Ramtha School of Enlightenment.”
Quebec, Canada

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