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Bonnie Carey wins again using RSE training

Bonnie Carey

RSE student Bonnie Carey describes her learning’s from her study at RSE.
Here is Bonnie’s story in her own words:

“So I did it again! I just won $1000. Using our teachings.

This time was different. I was relieved when I hit a straight flush on the first hand dealt. I felt that I was one step closer to conquering doubt …my number one obstacle.

My goal has been to create straight flushes on demand any time any place and under any condition.
Up until last month I had won (created) roughly 9 straight flushes in about 11 casino visits. Then I started losing. The harder I focused the worse I got. I would sit at a table and someone would sit down right in front of me and get “my” focused upon winning hand. Then someone in front of me would leave the table and the guy right after me would get “my” focused upon winning hand. I thought of Diana telling her story to the Ram and how she saw people hit the slot jackpot multiple times with her focused upon pattern. It’s frustrating. I likened it to getting the card next to mine on the fence during fieldwork… close but no cigar. I decided I’d learn from Diana’s experience and hopefully not take a long time to turn things around for myself.
I did things differently – parked and drove differently etc, but that was the same old different. That became the standard different. I was aware. So I wanted to do something more different … sort of out of the box different if possible. But what?

I had read the first two interviews of the Wingmakers. Dr N talked about vertical time and LERM (light encoded reality matrix). He used it to manifest money for the interviewer and told her he could teach her to do it in about two weeks. So I contemplated that and it seemed similar to what Ram has taught us about unifying our field. And if this guy can teach a ‘non student to do it in two weeks I certainly ‘should’ be able to do it sooner.
Instead of spinning my bands I went vertical. It was an infinite trajectory. I stopped at an imaginary intervention point of me winning a straight flush. I remember saying I will conquer doubt and IF (ha still doubtful) there is anything to light encoded reality I WILL pull the reality of me getting a straight flush from my bands and prove it to myself that I can do it at will. (Ram’s teaching on will = gravity plus a hologram + observation = unifying our field).

Voila! First hand, bam! A straight flush and a NET $1000 win on the first hand.

I want people to know some of us that appear to win alot, do have our rough days on the field, so don’t give up.
We just have to make them fewer and fewer until they’re gone and we have absolute certainty that we can do something.”

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