Student Accomplishments:
Jeff Shull on his $10,000 net winnings strategy

Jeff Shull

My name is Jeff Shull and I would like to share my great fortunes. I’ve been participating at the casinos since around 2000 and I’ve never done what I did last month.
– On May 3rd, my jackpot was $1,250.
– On May 21st my jackpot was $1,564.
– On May28th, my jackpot was $5,412.
– On June 4th, my jackpot was $2,750.
I have won approx. $10,000 net within a month.

I would like to share with my fellow students my strategy:
First, you can’t go to the casino in fear, lack, doubt or chasing the money.
Did that and been there.
Second, I just became one with the machines.
I bet $2.00 to $2.50.
Thurs, it’s just like finding your card in Fieldwork® on the Name field.

Go in joy and as Ramtha tells us, “Stay Excited” –
and never think about the money or how you spend – it will come.
And I always give gratitude to my God after every win.

Stay in the Now and focus.

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