Student Accomplishments:
Paulina Amador notes win using RSE training

Paulina Amador

RSE student Paulina Amador describes her learning’s from her study at RSE in her own words:

“I had WON and lost some for years now, probably since 2008. It’s easy to win some and loose some.
My test is to keep the state of I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A WINNER.

FOCUSING on Roulette FUTURE NOW NUMBERS has been a long-term discipline that has taught me about where my fears, and my attitude are.
When I have an absolutely rocking session its obvious that I am out of my personality, whatever number I see comes. I forget everything for a few minutes, I don’t hear or see anyone I just focus and hit. My current focus is to just allow that moment to keep coming, regardless of how much I make, when I start counting is when I loose been present. Allowing my GODDESS doesn’t have to include a fixed amount. To INFINITE WINNINGS onto ELSEWHERE!
I won $1,500 NET.
LOVE to JZ and the RAM! Where would we be if not for their courage to assist our GOD to take us FORWARD.”

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