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Jan Pfeifer learns discernment by applying teachings

Artwork of the Mind

“Hello, my name is Jan Pfeifer. I have been attending school for nine years. I am from Germany. More than six years ago I decided to master roulette. Over the years I developed many different training techniques to keep myself motivated.

This is one of them: I call it ‘Artwork of The Mind’.

The basic idea is to become frequency specific with each number on the roulette wheel with the help of Fieldwork®.
I cut a big circle with a 60cm (23 inches) radius out of card board on which I put a drawing of a roulette wheel in the correct configurations and proportions. (Photo #1 backside of card board- see photo album at bottom)

Then I made a card for Fieldwork® starting with roulette’s number 1 in red the same size as it had been mapped on the cardboard. (Photo #2, at the time I was working on number 34). My ‘name field’ at home is about the same size as the one we have at school.
How to do Fieldwork® when by yourself?
I put the card in an envelope, shuffle it with many other envelopes containing blank cards and I put them up all over the fence. After that I go to the center of the field, blinders down and off I go.

I do regular Fieldwork® just the way we do in our school by focusing on the respective number of the roulette. After having found the card, sometimes only after many hours and attempts, sometimes after a few minutes, I return to my apartment, cut the number out of the card (photo #3) and paste it on the ‘roulette –board’ in its appropriate spot; a reward in a manner of speaking. (Photo #4: after about 2 ½ years only three numbers were still missing). Then I prepare the next card with the next number, following the same process.

After three years and many sessions of Fieldwork® I finally found the final number (36). My ‘Artwork of the Mind’ is complete (Photo #5). So be it.
I have been to the casino many times. Combining all wins and losses I am – financially – still in the red. Very often I asked myself how long it would take me to finally master roulette. But now I don’t ask this anymore because I do not care. I only know that I will never give up and I can and will master it. I give thanks to the Lord God of my being who sent me Ramtha, his wonderful channel, and the great staff.”



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Posted: August 14th, 2014 - Ramtha

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