Student Accomplishments:
Taya Leonard succeeds listening to her knowingness

“I entered the blackjack tournament at Red Wind Casino on 7/17/2014. It was the third time I entered. I created an intention the night before that I would have fun winning. I also did Twilight® when I went to bed focusing on ‘I have always been a winner,’ and ‘I have always seen things as they are,’ and ‘I have always accepted my own knowingness to be the essence of truth,’ which I adapted from Ramtha: The White Book. The tournament was in the evening and I was able to do some more Twilight® that afternoon. I first played in the second round and was the top player at my table to advance to the semifinals. At the time there were four tables with six players each and my table was the third to finish so I watched the last hand being played at another table and knew that none of the players were going to win that hand. Sure enough the dealer turned over a blackjack and they lost. I was elated!

By the time I was playing in the semifinals, I was still excited about making it to that round but I started hearing voices in my head about the first tournament I entered and I made it to the semifinals but didn’t advance to the finals. I let it affect me until the 15th round when they do the chip count of all the players at the table to let everyone know where they stand. I had about $200 in chips and was in last place. I said, ‘I am a winner! I have always been a winner and I am in the finals!’ The voices stilled in my head. There were six hands left to play. I asked, ‘How does it get any better than this?’
I knew what to bet and I kept winning.
One hand in particular I bet $200 got a blackjack and won $400. I kept saying, ‘I’m a winner,’ and was grateful for every winning hand. I also heard in my head ‘second,’ meaning that I would be in second place. At the end of the semifinals, I WAS in second place with $925 in chips and the person in first place had $950. The top two players at each table from the semifinals make it into the finals and I made it! I was trembling with excitement.

When you make it to the final round everyone wins something. The top five win money and the sixth place winner gets a gift. I continued being aware and listening to my knowingness for the most part. At one point one of the players at the table complained about how many great hands I was getting, which did not deter me, because I knew I created it.
I wasn’t gambling.
I came in second place and won $395! It was a wonderful experience.

In the tournament the most you can win is 40% of the jackpot and the first place winner won $632, my net winning was $395. I played in three different rounds where they they give us chips to play with but we couldn’t keep them. The $925 is how much I won in the semifinal round but the casino kept those chips.

I am so thankful and grateful for the disciplines and the teachings.
Thank you Ramtha and JZ.”

Taya Leonard
Rainier, WA

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