The Pacific Northwest a Climate Refuge? –
Ramtha’s teachings on this date back almost 40 years

Heat wave risk map

– “Will the Pacific Northwest be a Climate Refuge Under Global Warming?”
“As global warming takes hold later in the century, where will be the best place in the lower 48 states to escape its worst effects?

A compelling case can be made that the Pacific Northwest will be one of the best places to live as the earth warms. A potential climate refuge.”

“Yes, the Northwest may well become a climate refuge during the upcoming century,” quoting the Cliff Mass Weather Blog.
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– UPDATE: June 4, 2015
“Climate forecast for Seattle: warmer and wetter, with a chance of deluge”
“Eric Salathé has been studying climate change since he was a graduate student at Yale back in the early ’90s. “I’m probably part of one of the very first cohorts of graduate students that came through doing climate change as their main thing,” Salathé said, sitting in his office at the University of Washington on a drizzly April morning.”

“Now, seven years and many runs of the model later, Salathé and his colleagues are starting to see that picture, and all in all, things aren’t looking so bad for Seattle, compared to some parts of the world. That said, the Emerald City is in for some unpleasant changes,” by Suzanne Jacobs,
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– Ramtha chose the Pacific Northwest for his school for many reasons
“The Pacific Northwest is the old landmass of Lemuria. The Lemurians were the ancient ones that drew star maps and knew where they came from and knew why they were here. The whole consciousness of these ancient mountains and forests are relatively young. They used to be just beachfronts to the Lemurians.

It rains so much here. The reason the jet stream comes through here — and the Japanese warm current — is because of the consciousness of people who originally inhabited these shores and walked on beaches where we sit today.

We were — they were — the giants. And they were savvy, spiritual, powerful, and beautiful.”
– Ramtha
December 3, 1999
Yelm, WA.
Blue College Christmas

Lemuria is the ancient land of the Pacific Northwest. Its greatest assets are its green and its water — its green is evergreen, the immortal tree. The tree closest to the evergreen is the sacred oak. But the tree of Christ — of Christ-in-mass — is the Christmas tree we cut every Christmas. It represents the finest, most beautiful tree on Earth. So you are in amongst immortals — immortals — that the only way they will ever die is if you try to take their life.
– Ramtha
May 10-16, 1999
Yelm, WA.
The Rhythm of Freedom

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