Mary Elizabeth Meyers: “The Importance of Blessing One’s Home”

Sir William and Mary Elizabeth Meyers

RSE student Mary Elizabeth Meyers shares her story in her words:

“The Importance of Blessing One’s Home”

“I”ve been compelled to share with RSE a reality that unfolded a couple of weeks ago! This experience has been a absolute wonderful runner and speaks volumes to to what I heard Ramtha teach a few months ago!

While attending one of Ramtha’s events this past spring what I heard Ramtha say was, ‘to bless and place The Grid ® toward my house and overlay the blue star onto my home, property and animals.
My home is situated in a rural area and my closest neighbors are at least a half of a mile away. Also, my home is set back about twenty feet from the county road and is clearly visible from this road.
My place of business is and hour and twenty minute drive from where I live which requires navigating the freeways to my work place.
On this particular day’s drive home, I inadvertently missed the exit I intended to take to return home. I thought about correcting my course and decided I would continue on and take a different route home. About the time I decided to continue on, the traffic on the freeway was nearly at a standstill. I decided then to take the next ramp and turn around. As I was taking the ramp the thought came, ‘I am where I am supposed to be.’ And, without hesitation, I immediately continued down the ramp without changing course with a lite heart.

I then exited off the freeway where planned and made two brief stops along the way before heading home.
As I was approaching my driveway I noticed the time and decided to head to the barn to feed the horses (the barn is located about two tenths of mile past my home). As I was driving past my home I looked over and noticed a white car parked in my driveway and then, saw a woman on standing on the front porch looking in the window. I stopped and asked, ‘What can I do for you,” and as I asked the question, I noticed the man in the car placing his hand over his face and looking away. The woman became very anxious and began muttering.
Immediately, I knew they were casing my house to burglarize.
The woman scurried to the car and as they began to drive away I wasn’t in a position to get a clear view of their license plate.
My first reaction was to turn around and follow the couple to get their license plate number.
As I paused for a few seconds, I very simply heard, ‘don’t do it.’

I contacted neighbors about the incident, reported to the police and then posted on Facebook.
Within a short while I had several responses on Facebook from local residents reporting burglaries by a man and a woman who matched the description of the couple at my home. The car they were driving that day had recently been stolen and they were reported to have stolen firearms, as well!

This was truly a remarkable day! No fear and trusting the divine within!
I am blessed beyond words to have JZ and Ramtha in my life!

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