Norma Klinger’s deceased husband let’s her know:
“She was right!”

Norma Klinger

RSE student Norma Klinger shares her story in her words:

“My husband, Monty Klinger, always believed that there was nothing after death, you just died and that was the end. One day we were talking and the subject of death came up. I said that there was more to him besides his body; that he was an eternal spiritual being that had always lived and would always continue to live despite the fact of the body dying; that he had already lived many lifetimes and would live many more. He said: ‘yeah, yeah, sure sure.’

So, finally I said: ‘Listen, after you go, you will have the opportunity to see this whole lifetime pass before your eyes and the conversation that we are now having here will come back for you to see. When that happens I want you to do me a favor.’
He replied, ‘Okay what’s the favor?’
‘I want you to say three words. The words are: SHE WAS RIGHT!’

He laughed, I laughed, yet he promised he would say it and then we forgot all about it.

Monty died on 25th October 2013. At the end of December our best friends from England, Basil and Susan, came to stay with me. On New Year’s Eve we invited three friends (Masters) to celebrate with us. We started the evening with a bottle of champagne but did not finish it. There was a tiny bit left and we closed it with a special champagne saver and put it in the fridge.

We then had dinner and, after we finished, went again to sit in the living room. It was getting close to midnight. I brought out the champagne, both the one with a little left in it and an unopened one. But Basil didn’t move to uncork the new bottle. I was thinking: ‘My goodness. he’s cutting it close. Monty would never have left it so late. By now he would have had the bottle open and the glasses poured ready to toast the New Year.’ Susan was thinking the same thing and giving her husband meaningful looks.

Just then there was a loud explosion as the champagne saver burst out of the bottle and, after hitting the coffee table, flew across the room and broke on the floor. I guess Monty agreed with me and Susan, and was telling Basil to get on with toasting the new year.

I guess he was also telling me and all of us that he is alive and well and that he has kept his promise to say: SHE WAS RIGHT!”

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