Ramtha’s Lifetime

Ramtha in Australia – June 2014

– Ramtha: “I issued forth from the house called Ramuste.”
“My lineage I chose because I issued forth from the house called Ramuste, Ram.
In that house — the house is designated from soul emotion collectively — to which I issued forth from, emotional understanding was the power to master. There were those, as it were indeed, issued from houses of emotional creativity. They created that which is termed the machines, order, tyranny, segregation, hatred, but they were in the order to create progress. When you issue from a house, it is clear for you to know which one. All you have to do is turn your eyes inward to find out where your honor lies and to what allegiance it is. I don’t need to tell you; you already know. And from this I chose to issue forth into what you would call Lemurians, Mu, against progress.”

– Ramtha
Quoted in A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Reality
Part I: Ramtha, a Master’s Journey to Enlightenment.
Chapter 1 was taken from Ramtha’s Lifetime, Specialty Tape 021 ed. Yelm: Ramtha Dialogues, 1984.
This tape is a collection of questions and answers relating to Ramtha’s own lifetime.

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