Ramtha’s quintessential teaching on marijuana –
An excellent perspective amidst recent legalizations

After Washington and Colorado were the first states in America to legalize marijuana, the tide has turned with most states following suit or considering such. Ramtha’s teachings on marijuana long ago is still pertinent today.

“Marijuana’s long-term effects on the brain demonstrated “
“The effects of chronic marijuana use on the brain may depend on age of first use and duration of use, according to new research. Researchers for the first time comprehensively describe existing abnormalities in brain function and structure of long-term marijuana users with multiple magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques,” quoting the Center for BrainHealth, in Science Daily.
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– “Regular pot smokers have shrunken brains, study says”
“Experimental mice have been telling us this for years, but pot-smoking humans didn’t want to believe it could happen to them: Compared with a person who never smoked marijuana, someone who uses marijuana regularly has, on average, less gray matter in his orbital frontal cortex, a region that is a key node in the brain’s reward, motivation, decision-making and addictive behaviors network.”

“The new findings, reported Monday [Nov. 10] in the journal PNAS, confirm findings about chronic marijuana use from rodents. But scientific evidence in humans has been more mixed,” quoting Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times.
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– “Marijuana Kills Brain Cancer, New Study Confirms”
“The active molecules in cannabis kill brain cancer — another study has revealed.

Scientists using an extract of whole-plant marijuana rich in pot’s main psychoactive ingredient THC as well as cannabidiol (CBD) showed “dramatic reductions in tumor volumes” of a type of brain cancer,” quoting David Downs, The Liberty Crier.
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– December 5, 2014
“Marijuana Decreases Death Rates From Pain Killers By Over 30 Percent”
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– December 16, 2014
“Teen marijuana use falls as more states legalize”
By Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post.
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– UPDATE: May 16, 2015
“Marijuana Research Supports Its Safety and Benefits”
“The use of marijuana for medical purposes is now legal in 23 states and, as of this writing, 9 states have pending legislation or ballot measures to legalize medical marijuana. Estimates are that between 85 and 95 percent of Americans are in favor of medical cannabis, and nearly 60 percent support complete legalization of marijuana.

And doctors agree. In 2014, a survey found that the majority of physicians—56 percent—favor nationwide legalization of medical cannabis, with support being highest among oncologists and hematologists,” quoting Dr. Mercola.
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– Ramtha on the purpose and effects of marijuana
“Drugs chemically distort neuron activity. They destroy the brain. In the case of marijuana, that weed was created to help suffering animals. It was called ‘crazy weed.’ Eating it would lift the animals out of their pain and allow their Spirits to move them in a state of shock, which would then move the animals to water.

Marijuana is a painkiller, but what is it that kills the pain? It is the dying of the brain. If the brain is anesthetized, the pain won’t be felt. Marijuana was created by a group of very merciful Gods exactly for that purpose.”
– Ramtha
All Group Workshop
January 24-26, 1996
Yelm, WA.

– From: Ramtha, The Brain – The Creator of Reality and a Lofty Life
(Hun Nal Ye Publishing, 2014)

Chapter 2: Arcane Anatomy of the Brain, Thought, and Consciousness
“Never take drugs that bring you to a high because the high that you get from marijuana is actually the destruction of brain cells. Dying is a freeing experience, so the high is the death of the brain. Little by little, over a period of time, you kill it. If you do, your days are numbered. You will not be able to create fantastic realism because you crippled yourself in the process.”

Altered States of Consciousness through Drugs and Alcohol
“People in the past who have taken strong drink, drugs, for a stimulated effect that alters consciousness are people who have illusionary stimulations of worry. Worry is at the forefront, fear is at the forefront, right in their frontal lobe. All that they see is packaged in grief, in worry, concern, so their reality then produces that.”
– Ramtha

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