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Ramtha: Every person is divine and a God!

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“6 reasons why religion does more harm than good”
It’s hard to argue with some of these…”

“Most British people think religion causes more harm than good according to a survey commissioned by the Huffington Post. Surprisingly, even among those who describe themselves as “very religious” 20 percent say that religion is harmful to society. For that we can probably thank the internet, which broadcasts everything from Isis beheadings, to stories about Catholic hospitals denying care to miscarrying women, to lists of wild and weird religious beliefs, to articles about psychological harms from Bible-believing Christianity.

In 2010, sociologist Phil Zuckerman published Society Without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment. Zuckerman lined up evidence that the least religious societies also tend to be the most peaceful, prosperous and equitable, with public policies that help people to flourish while decreasing both desperation and economic gluttony,” quoting Valerie Tarico, Alternet.
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– “You Are God: The True Teachings of Jesus”
“In this article we will explore how the true teachings of Jesus can be summed up by three little words: you are God. Some missionaries came to my house the other day and I was given the opportunity to come face to face with the religious mind, to discover their relationship to God, and to remember my own (non-voluntary) experience with religion,” quoting Brandon West, Waking Times.
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– UPDATE: December 11, 2014
“Wealth may have driven the rise of today’s religions”
“Today’s most popular religions all have one thing in common: a focus on morality. But the gods didn’t always care whether you are a bad person. Researchers have long puzzled over when and why religions moved away from a singular focus on ritual and began to encourage traits such as self-discipline, restraint, and asceticism. Now, a new study proposes that the key to the rise of so-called moralizing religions was, of all things, more wealth.

The new study ‘is by far the most significant advance I’ve seen in a long time,’ says Richard Sosis, an anthropologist who studies the evolution of religion at the University of Connecticut, Storrs,” quoting Lizzie Wade, Science Mag.
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– Ramtha: Everyone is righteously divine and a God
“There is not a woman who is not righteously divine. It is just that you have deluded yourself into thinking you are otherwise. You really have. You think your enemy is man. The enemy is not man. The enemy is your delusion. That is the enemy. There is not a man in this audience who isn’t God. You think the enemy is your sexuality. You think the enemy is conquest. That is not the enemy. The enemy is you, your voices. If you were stripped away from your body and you were still here, you would be the forgotten Gods who are starting to turn on.

Who would you be and how would your relationships be if suddenly the bodies were dispensed with? Would your lovers still love you? Would your children still love you? Would you still love them? That is what the Observer is like.

I want you to work on the principle of taking the position of the Observer and really observing. Never take the position of the emotions. Never take the position of guilt. Don’t even recognize it. Never take the position of the victim. Don’t even recognize it. Never even take the position of your sexuality. Don’t even recognize it. Never take the position of lack. Don’t even recognize it. I want you to be the Observer, the one to whom the voices you have always been are trying to make a point.”
– Ramtha
Becoming The Observer
Published with permission by SuperConsciousness in 2007.
Yelm, WA.

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