Debbie & Diane Christie remember dear friend Betty Krenz

Betty Krenz

Long time RSE student Betty Krenz passed February 6, 2015. She was 86. She is survived by a daughter and two grandchildren. The following is Master of Music Debbie Christie’s remembrance along with her mother Diane’s tribute of this wonderful lady in their own words:

“My Mom [Diane] and I met her 30 years ago this month when we attended a showing of the Hawaii Video at the Little Rock, AR. library. She became a part of our family and the three of us have shared our journey with Ramtha since. Getting to know her was an adventure as she was quite a character. She drove a pink Cadillac, sold timeshares, and wore fake eyelashes so long that one always felt like they were being waved to through an entire conversation. Everyone who knew her has a Betty story.

She commented once to Mom after making their way from the bomb threat retreat in Estes Park (1989) back to the ranch in Yelm that she wasn’t about to give up her lashes no matter what Ramtha says. Nor was she about to sit her tush on a porta potty. She eventually did on both accounts.

Betty would travel with my Mom to Yelm for many years. You could always hear her boisterous southern voice echoing throughout the arena. You knew Betty was in the house.

Betty loved her teacher and looked forward to meeting him when she passed.
She had a plan!

She will be missed.
Godspeed, Betty, on the next step of your journey.”

Debbie and Diane Christie

Betty Krenz visits The Great Hall after passing

Posted: February 8th, 2015 - Featured Articles, News Headlines, RSE

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