Skull found in Israel cave is 55,000 years old –
Ramtha: human civilizations on earth for thousands of years

“The partial skull of a modern human (Homo sapiens) (C) is placed between a Neanderthal (L) skull and a complete modern human skull (R)on display outside the Manot stalactite cave in northern Israel.” Photo: EPA

– “Skull fragment sheds light on Neanderthal and human interbreeding”
“Skull found in a cave in Israel suggests humans and Neanderthals met 55,000 years ago”

“A skull from one of the earliest known Europeans has been found in an Israeli cave, shedding light on the migration of modern humans out of Africa.

The discovery of the skull suggests humans and Neanderthals were interbreeding 55,000 years ago, 10,000 years before they were thought to have met.

The expansion of modern humans out of Africa to Europe and Asia was a key event in human evolution,” from UK’s The Telegraph.
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– Ramtha has stated frequently great civilizations lived 35,000+ year ago
Ramtha’s lifetime was 35,000 years ago
“Ramtha is an ancient warrior, conqueror, and ascended Master who lived 35,000 years ago. Remnants of his life and teachings exist in various archaeological artifacts from India and Egypt, as well as ancient Hindu literature.”
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Ramtha spoke of civilizations in Mexico 35,000 years ago
“Lemuria was not a great continent. Its shores were today’s Pacific Northwest. Beyond its beach line there were lakes and swamps. My great elders — the great elders — knew a war was coming and they warned everyone. There was a safe passage made for us to Baja California and Mexico, which were all swamplands. We came out of the Earth as a long march of pilgrims crossing a swamp to the furthest port of Atlatia called Onai. We were running for our lives. The elders who prophesied this went down with their continent and are buried beneath the shores of the Pacific Northwest.

Our pilgrimage to Onai was through Baja California and Mexico. At the time of our pilgrimage, Mexico was not a stable landmass; it was a swampland. That was 35,000 years ago.”
– Ramtha
September 14, 1998
Yelm, WA
“The Greatest History Lesson Ever Taught”
Tape #388

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