New Rock Band LKMY inspired by two RSE students

RSE students Jaime Leal-Anaya and David Fairley comprise LKMY band members

LKMY – Let’s Rock n’ Roll into the Future!
Jaime Leal-Anaya shares his story in his own words:
“I will never forget when I first met [fellow RSE student] David Fairley close to Ramtha’s stage during an event with Ramtha teaching about the great revolution of the ‘60s and the immortal free Spirits and troubadours of that era, the great heroes of our modern times. Ramtha was moving to the rhythm of Kansas classic song, ‘Carry on Wayward Son,’ like only a God can do. He was amazing, as always, and Dave and I were rocking to the moment close to the side of the stage. Dave was mimicking drumming moves and I was pretending to play my invisible electric guitar, following Ramtha’s lead on the stage. We stopped for a moment and looked at each other and asked the same question, almost at the same time, ‘Do you play music?’ We both started laughing when we said, ‘Yes! Let’s get together and play.’ That was more than a decade ago. Alan Dugan joined us back then, bringing his great talent and voice and many of his original songs he wrote. He is a prolific writer with great soul, a survivor who healed from cancer, and a very talented musician and great human being. Scotty Jones joined us pretty early too with his great jazzy-reggae and rock tones on his bass. Scotty is a very talented, happy being in love with life. We love rocking out and creating music with soul and a message.

A new rock band with soul and inspiring lyrics will give their first live performance on June 6 at the Triad Theater.”
Click here to read Jaime’s full story!

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