UFO sighting by RSE’s New Zealand coordinator Lynda Prescott

Photos courtesy: Lynda Prescott

– The following is Lynda’s story in her own words:
“On Saturday 9th May around 6.09 pm (NZ time) my family had got together at my Mum’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day.

My brother looked out the window and saw a large object moving across the night sky , he alerted my sister who in turn called me and we all went running outside.

There was a large (UFO I think!) moving across the sky , it appeared quite low and not moving very fast. It was mostly red with some white lights on the base. It moved for quite some distance right across the sky and then changed direction , went into the distance and disappeared in what looked to be the only cloud in the sky.

We had watched it for several moments and finally I said to my sister ‘have you got your phone , can you take a photo’. I was totally mesmerised !

The two photos attached are the photo’s she took. Unfortunately it had moved quite a distance away by then .

Tairua , where we were, is in the North Island and is a small place thus there is not much light pollution.

The sky was almost completely clear, and the object was completely silent.

It is interesting that what we saw with the ‘naked eye’ appeared as a large reddish object , whereas the photo’s show the separate lights.
As a side note I have read Ramtha’s book “UFOs and the Nature of Reality: Preparing for Contact” and Timothy Good’s book, and have been focusing on The Grid® in the sky.”

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