Ozone hole over Antarctica near record in size –
Ramtha on the impact of the Ozone layer

“An image of the ozone hole over Antarctica in early October.”
DLR (German Aerospace Center)

– “​Ozone hole over Antarctica is larger than North America”
The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is nearing record-breaking size again, scientists say. In fact, new observations show that the infamous “ozone hole” is currently larger than the entire continent of North America.

Researchers at the German Aerospace Center are using Earth-observing satellites to monitor the protective ozone layer and recently reported that a large, nearly circular hole over Antarctica extends over an area measuring 26 million square km (10 million square miles),” quoting Elizabeth Newbern,
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– Ramtha: “The Impact of the Ozone Layer on Nature”
“Where would you be without fossil fuels? How would you get around, on your soles pedaling or striding a great steed and riding with the wind? The point is that pilgrims this day can fly around the world in a day, and that invention is marvelous but is propelled by what comes from within the Earth. Every person is rather landlocked if indeed they do not utilize this service. Evolution has stopped with the fossil fuel, and what is it doing? At present you have a gaping hole in the stratum in your Southern region. It is so large that they won’t even write about it any longer. It has grown so large that the researchers are endeavoring to pull out because the radiation coming through that hole is creating cataracts on their eyes.
This hole in the stratum is the remnant of what once were great seas that surrounded the Earth in great, thick cloud cover. When the water came down and created a more idyllic planet, this very thin, delicate layer continued to cover the Earth, and life began to thrive, seasons were born, arid regions were created, and the world truly became a grand and wondrous Eden — Shambhala, if you will. All sorts of lifeforms through evolution could flourish in this environment, this emerald of the universe.

These holes in your stratosphere were not always there. Certainly the beginning erosions happened prior to the turning of your century with the burning of coal into the stratosphere and have continued more rapidly with the discovery of oil. When you burn fossil fuels without a proper balance for the Earth to take care of it up there, where do you think it goes? Do you think it disappears into space? No, it doesn’t go into space. It can only have validity in the atmosphere, and it is held there.
Without the proper balance of the majestic trees and the foliage of great forests, the dioxins are so severe in the stratosphere that we now have them eating away the lower part of your planet. This has not been addressed as openly as it should be in your media, because to address this issue is to point out what is causing the problem.

What would it mean for anyone to take a stand and say, “We must change this”? What would it mean to the manufacturers of one of the great industries that your country is based upon, the makers of automachines and internal combustion engines providing transportation and energy to fuel your hovels?”

– Ramtha
“Last Waltz of the Tyrants – The Prophecy Revisited”
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