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Ramtha’s Magnificent Toast, The “I” Concept

The full version is available as a graphic print at the Quantum Cafe online Store here!

These are the first few lines of this classic and inspiring toast of Ramtha from January 21, 1995:

“I want to be born beyond the North Star.
I want to live in a universe of a blue sun.
I want to live where war has no meaning.
I want to live thousands of years so that I can journey to the most extraordinary conferences of mind.
I want to be enamored and enjoy the beauty of God manifested in all forms.
I want to be open-minded enough that I am born into a level of beingness that approves and embraces a mind that knows no boundaries.
I want to love an unfathomable love….”

                                                                      – Ramtha

– The Pituitary Gland Video Clip Animation: What is the Pituitary Gland? (from Swedish Seattle Hospital)

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